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03 Apr 2020

Furloughing Directors

with commentary from Forbes Dawson The issue The question of whether (shareholder) directors of their own companies can ‘furlough’ themselves is still subject to some ambiguity. In simple terms many director shareholders want to know where they stand in relation to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). Currently, two schemes have been launched by the…

23 Mar 2020

Working from home – ensuring employees stay mentally strong

With the Government recommending those that can, work from home, it is important to note that for some people it’s not the perfect set up. There is the obvious advantage of no commuting and technology means we can have more autonomy over our time but for some people we will need to monitor their mental…

23 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Key Government Webites

Below are some key Government websites where you can access the latest information: • Government action plan  • Guidance on social distancing and stay at home • Travel advice • Support for businesses • Tax helpline to support businesses who are concerned about paying their taxes • Guide for employees, employers and businesses • Budget…

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