AAT Employer of the Year Award - Egan Roberts Accountants Ribchester Lancashire
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AAT Employer of the Year Award

AAT Employer of the Year Award

We were all delighted to learn that we have won Training 2000’s AAT Employer of the Year Award, plus shocked as we didn’t know we’d been nominated!

We have always placed great store in developing our staff and apparently at Egan Roberts we were one of Training 2000’s first Chartered Accountancy practices in Lancashire to offer apprenticeship schemes for the Association of Accounting Technicians.

It has always been with great pride that we have been able to see the many trainees we’ve supported over the years develop their careers.

With the advent of student loans, youngsters have adopted a slightly different approach to qualifying as an accountant. Historically it may have been GCSEs , A levels, on to university to undertake a relevant accountancy degree and then finally a training contract through a practice who has the recognised training status. However we are now finding that with the prospect of student loans being seen as a millstone, talented trainees, after achieving good A level grades are now looking at an apprenticeship as an alternative to a degree. A three year apprenticeship earning a salary rather than running up debt, on the job learning, plus the impact work experience has upon their CVs is seen as a more desirable route.

We have just appointed our latest apprentice for 2014, she starts in July and we look forward to welcoming her at Egan Roberts.

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