Starting a Business. Should I Register a Limited Company? Egan Roberts Accountants Lancashire
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Should I Register as a Limited Company?

Should I Register as a Limited Company?

andrew jacksonTax changes have made it even more important to consider carefully, when running a business, whether it is best to trade as:


We are often asked, ‘Should I form a limited company?’ The reality is that there is no easy answer. Each situation has to be judged individually. As well as the obvious issues of tax and national insurance contributions (NICs), there are many other potentially relevant factors, such as:

  • The business
  • Its expected rate of growth
  • The profitability of the business
  • The likely profit trend
  • The degree of commercial risk
  • Administrative obligations
  • Personal preferences
  • Pensions and retirement


In the early years of a business, the privacy and fewer administrative obligations of operating as a sole trader or partnership may be attractive. Business funds can be used with fewer restrictions than in an incorporated environment. (Read more…)

Starting a Business in Lancashire and Looking for an Accountant?

Every business owner needs a team of professionals in the background who provide continuous support and advice. That’s what we do. Through years of commitment to our business clients we have developed a wide range of skills and services designed to improve business performance and profitability. We are committed to providing a first class service tailored to the individual needs of each client. We keep a close eye on all the essentials and offer proactive advice on how to improve personal, family, or business finances.

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