According to press reports, HMRC are increasing the number of their tax enquiries. An enquiry can be expensive and disruptive to your business.

We too have noticed an increase in the number of HMRC enquiries being initiated and believe that more tax-payers may be the subject of costly detailed enquiries and investigations in the future.

That is why we have introduced  Premium Protection, a tax representation service, which will cover the cost of professional fees incurred in handling any HMRC reviews, enquiries, investigations or disputes*.

This service will cover your professional fees for handling:

  • Business tax enquiries
  • HMRC PAYE or VAT reviews
  • Any other self-assessment enquiries

At Egan Roberts, we have many years of experience successfully handling HMRC enquiries.

Aside from genuine errors and omissions, the Revenue may seek to challenge, what has to date been fairly basic tax planning practices. Hopefully, clients will be found to owe no tax at all; however, you will still have the cost of professional fees to handle the enquiry.

An additional feature of the service will be a Free Business Support Helpline; to which you will have exclusive access for advice on such matters as personnel, H&S, business law and debt collection.

* No more than one of your last four such consecutive statutory returns due for submission monthly or quarterly and/or no more than one of your last two such consecutive statutory returns due for submission annually were submitted, or remain un-submitted, more than 90 days after their due submission date, unless HMRC accepts the reason for the delay.