Amanda Tattersall

Amanda qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2001 and joined the firm in 2014.

She has a wide range of accountancy experience and mainly carries out accounts preparation and tax return work.

Amanda has two girls who take up a lot of her time! She currently works on a part-time basis.

Amanda enjoys listening to music, watching films, eating food, drinking rum and spending time in the countryside.

Place you would most like to visit: Rome

Place you would most like to live: Lovely Lancashire of course!

Person you would most like to meet: Chris Hemsworth

Most famous person ever met: Steve Harris (from Iron Maiden)

What do you hate most: Flying

Best restaurant ever visited:  The Square, Prague

Favourite book / movie: Avatar/Hannibal

Car you would most like to own: Porsche Carrera

One of the scariest things you’ve ever done: Given birth

Accomplishment you are most proud of: My lovely (on the whole) daughters